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Saul Anuzis served as Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party from 2005-2009 and was a candidate for Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 2009 and 2011. His previous political and government service included working with Newt Gingrich at American Solutions, Jack Kemp’s 1988 Presidential campaign, serving as Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Dick Posthumus, Chairman of the MI Senate Republican Campaign Committee and serving on the MI House Republican Campaign Committee.

Anuzis was asked by RNC Chairman Michael Steele to head up the Transition Team on Technology and led the RNC’s first Tech Summit during which over 7,000 activists from around the country participated online, via live video feeds or in person.

The RNC created a new standing Committee on Technology and Anuzis was asked to serve as its Chairman by both Chairman Michael Steele and Chairman Reince Priebus. Anuzis was the first non-RNC member to hold such a post. In May of 2010, Anuzis was unanimously elected to be Michigan’s National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee. In 2009 – 2010, he also served as a consultant to the House Policy Committee on New Media & Technology which was chaired by Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI).

Anuzis is co-founder and co-owner of Quick Connect VOIP, which is a broadband and VOIP provider in Michigan. He and his partner also own Quick Connect USA which is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier providing local and long distance service to their customers.

Anuzis also serves as a Managing Partner of Coast to Coast Strategies, LLC, which provides strategic planning, consulting and business development services. He sits on the Advisory Board of several technology companies including CampaignGrid, Victory Solutions and RAP Index. He served on several non-profit boards as well as a Gubernatorial Appointee to the Michigan Jobs Commission and the Michigan Export Development Authority and a member of the Teamsters Union.

Saul Anuzis studied Economics at the University of Michigan in Dearborn. He is the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Lithuania. He and with wife of 26 years, Lina have 4 sons, enjoy skiing, scuba diving, their Harley and sailing.

What Others Are Saying About Saul Anuzis

Wall Street Journal 9/17/07
“Mr. Anuzis is doing exactly the right thing to bring Republicans back to majority status in Michigan.”

AP Profile 2/3/05
“His blue-collar background is similar to that of many Michigan Republicans, despite the party’s country club image.”

Hour Magazine “The Insider” May 2007
“Anuzis…doesn’t pretend to be anything other than the bright, self-made businessman and political junkie who believes passionately in the pull-yourself-up-by your-bootstraps ideology of Newt Gingrich’s Conservative Opportunity Society.”

University of Michigan-Dearborn “Legacy” Alumni Magazine June 2007
“Politics, campaigning and networking provided the passion he was looking for in a career, despite his studies in economics.”

MIRS Capitol Capsule, Wednesday, October 17, 2007
“Anuzis isn’t anyone’s “hand maiden” — he exerts more influence than Abraham once did — making him the most influential chair in modern Michigan history.”

Newt Gingrich at the Republican Mackinac Conference September 2007
“You have, in Saul Anuzis, one of the greatest State Chairman in the Republican Party today. His courage, his hard work, his determination is extraordinarily important.”

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Saul Anuzis

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  1. Jim Nowka says:

    What about a Michigan efforft for a civics test for seniors in high school like the one for an immigrant. What on earth could be the problem with advancing such a proposal as North Dakota
    Has done?
    Also Republican candidates should get help with non verbal skill. Watch Elizabeth Warren as an example.or maybe Marie Osman on neuti systems commercials. Like football coaches use Jazzescize to promote nimbleness in linemen. Non verbal is best with Paul, Rubio and maybe Cruz and Christie. Personally I feel fresh leadership is needed but no more dynastys with such great talent available. A heavy duty uphill climb to develop any interest among conservatives to another Bush. He who is in your face odds with principal interests of those he particuliarly must be able to get to the polls. Of course, the establishments view is, “We, the people”.!

    Always appreciate your work Saul and thank you.

  2. Edukas says:

    Sveiks, was curious on your thoughts about the private server AND the actual scope of the investigation. Right now its concentrating just on HRC, but what about the others e.g. Barack. How is it that the boss does not know that one of their key employees is using a personal and private server – meaning ALL of their communications with any other governments/agencies are withheld from the U.S. government. Will the investigation be expanded to show the incompetence of her superior(s) and the White House IT department? As another quick aside – How can the Clinton’s function in the White House and be associated with the Clinton Foundation AND not have a conflict of interest? Sorry for the long questions – just curious on where things are going.

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