Why Ted Cruz -Take #2

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Over a year ago I wrote this article on my blog which was also published in Newsmax.  The arguments for Ted Cruz still stands…and the philosophical reasons for backing a movement conservative who is not afraid to fight both parties if needed, is stronger now than ever.

See my original article here:  https://thatssaulfolks.com/2014/12/30/why-ted-cruz/

After watching the early primaries and realizing the fear and willingness of folks who are really scared of the idea of Ted Cruz winning the presidency will do anything, say anything and get the backing of the media along the way…that just fires me up even more!

Talking heads, Republican pundits and the mainstream media are teaming up to “anoint” Marco Rubio while systematically tearing down Ted Cruz.  The spin, the coordinated character assassination and shameless lies and distortions by “strange bedfellows” has had its toll.  But only enough to give the establishment and Trump enough “tools” and distorted rhetoric to continue their narrative.  There were NO dirty tricks, no lies…just spin that fit the establishment’s narrative…so they went with it.  I don’t expect that to change…it’s just an obstacle and political reality we will have to deal with.

So far, ONLY Cruz and Trump have won any of the early primaries.  Cruz won Iowa and placed stronger than expected in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  But you would NEVER know that from the news coverage.  Conservatives traditionally do not run well in New Hampshire, Cruz placed exceptionally well.  In South Carolina, the Governor, two U.S. Senators and one of the most popular Congressmen endorsed others…and Cruz missed coming in second by about 1,000 votes…with the establishment rallying behind Rubio.

Seriously, if Marco can’t win in South Carolina, with everyone on his side, where can he win?

Carson & Kasich are no longer really running for President.  Neither of them have any viable path to the nomination, so they continue to “play” for some personal political agenda?

Trump is winning and polling in the low to mid 30’s…those are not the numbers of an invincible candidacy.  There is a long way to go…and Cruz has a 50 state organization, leaders and supporters in all 5 Territories and the District of Columbia.  We prepared for the “long game” and no one else seems to be worried about much more than perceived momentum.  I think they call it “smoke and mirrors”.

So why Ted Cruz…


  • – The only courageous conservative that has a committed base
  • – A large and growing number or small donors
  • – Strong Super PAC support (all philosophical)
  • – He’s a constitutionalist – grounded philosophically as a “movement conservative”
  • – Can attract traditional conservative, evangelicals, Tea Party, liberty and Reagan Democrats
  • – He has consistently outperformed every other candidate with the youth vote in early states
  • – A consistent, disciplined and articulate conservative message
  • – He has more money than any other candidate left in the race

With Jeb Bush out of the race, he has raised more money than any other candidate in the race, Super PACs supporting him have more money than other and as of the last filing, he had more cash on hand than any other candidate in the race!


–         Appears to have hit a ceiling with about a third of the Republican primary vote

–         He is NOT a conservative…a populist, but NOT a conservative

–         Government funded healthcare, but not Obamacare?  How is Trumpcare different?

–         On Obamacare he said this week “I like the mandates”!?!  Really???

–         Supports eminent domain taking for private deals

–         Supports targeted censorship of the internet

–         Neutral on the “Israel v Palestinian” issue

–         Supports “parts” of Planned Parenthood

–         Saving grace…better than Hillary.



–         Rubio’s “big wins” are that he came in 3-5-2 instead of his projected and touted 3-2-1 –hence,  victory redefined

–         His “amnesty” recorded contradictory statements will continue to haunt him

–         His willingness to deal with the “Gang of 8” worries many conservatives

–         More likely to compromise than fight

–         Susceptible to “robo-talk” moments because he uses/needs his talking points too much

–         The establishment REALLY likes him – too much outside influence?

Ted Cruz is the ONLY candidate who has beat Donald Trump.  He is the ONLY candidate with a strong base of supporters that can effectively battle Trump on the issues…with credibility.

Marco Rubio is the establishments darling.  But he hasn’t won ANYWHERE.  He had EVERY thing going for him in South Carolina and he squeaked by Cruz by barely 1,000 votes out of 800,000+ cast?!?  He came in 3rd in Iowa, 5th in New Hampshire and barely made 2nd in South Carolina.  And yet the establishment and mainstream media “redefines” this as “win-ability”?!?

There is a strong army of courageous conservatives across this country ready to fight. We have the best national ground game with 200K+ volunteers which is using of cutting-edge micro-targeting analytical and data technology to reach voters. We have a huge donor base of small contributors giving EVERY month to support that fight.  We have philosophically grounded Super PACs supporting his candidacy for all the right reasons.

And most importantly, we have the right candidate, with the right message in Ted Cruz to make America great again…and I mean in the real sense!

Stand tall, shoulder to shoulder and  double our efforts – because it’s a long way to the nomination and we’re ready for the fight – and win!


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  1. Linda Smith says:

    I was born and raised in Texas and I am in total support of Trump. I have learned and saw what a liar you really are. Your reputation is tarnished and it is time for you to stop out of the race. Win or not you are through. Try sticking to the policies

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