Sabotaging Cruz…Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

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Sabotaging Cruz…Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

“Lies”, “say anything”, “distorting the record” and more “lies” for political expediency seems to have united three unlikely, strange bedfellows…Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

It is in ALL of these candidate’s best interest to sabotage the effort of conservatives to coalesce around the strongest, most consistent, courageous conservative in the race.

The Carson affair is completely blown out of proportion…most believe it had little to no real effect on the results.  And Cruz apologize for the staff’s zeal.   Rubio and Trump’s claims of “lies” have backfired as video proof…in their own words…belie their self-righteous indignation.

This is a clever, well-orchestrated, coordinated effort by three campaigns to take cheap shots at the candidate they believe is their biggest threat.  If Ted Cruz unites the conservative movement…they lose.

So consider the source, understand the politics, watch the videos – in their own words…whether it’s Trump, Rubio or CNN…these campaigns and operative have engaged in some of the most unfair, misleading and self-serving political mudslinging I have ever witnessed…and the mainstream media has gleefully played along to attempt to derailed Cruz’s surge amongst conservatives.

The facts…not the political rhetoric…speak for themselves.

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