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Interesting/Educational Straw Poll

I know how hard it often is for us to pick the strongest Republican nominee and have been involved in various efforts to reform nomination  rules. One change can be in what we are able to do us as voters, and I believe that preferential voting offers a viable alternative worth exploring. It’s already used in some internal party contests, and preferential voting ballots are being used this year in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina to better ensure overseas and military voters have a vote that counts in both the first and second round of runoffs.


To give you a sense of how preferential voting works, I’ve created Republican Nomination Straw Poll that I’m asking readers to try out over the next few days so I can report on the results next weekend. There’s only one vote allowed per IP address, so while it’s not any official vote, it should be reflective of what this list thinks right now about the Republican field.


What is interesting to watch is how YOUR candidate performs earning folks second choice vote.  That would matter with preferential voting. It simulates an “instant runoff” between the strongest two candidates. In other words, preferential voting will show us who has majority support when you compare the top candidates one-on-one. Recent polls that ask that “one-on-one” question are revealing. For instance, an Iowa caucus poll this month found that Donald Trump led Ted by 29% to 27% in first choices, but Ted defeated him by a 59% to 41% landslide when matched one-on-one; see an analysis of that poll that explains how the poll numbers allow a simulation of a preferential voting contest.


Preferential wouldn’t be about helping any one candidate, of course. It’s about giving voters more power over their vote. When we have more than two candidates, the vote can split. Preferential voting allows us to vote more freely and see just who really is the strongest candidate. So check out the Republican Nomination Straw Poll, vote, and see the results next weekend.


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    Not sure what to do with your straw poll link.

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