Former GOP State Chairmen Endorse Ted Cruz for President

Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Matt Salmon
Former GOP State Chairmen Endorse Ted Cruz for President

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign announced the endorsement of 12 former Republican State Party Chairmen and Republican National Committee members who support Cruz for President.

“Cruz is uniquely qualified to broaden the base of our party reaching Reagan Democrats, Hispanic/Latinos, Catholic, Jewish, Christian and working families to win in November,” said Saul Anuzis, former Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.
“Ted Cruz embodies the principles of the Republican Party – he is a tireless defender of our liberties and the Constitution, an ardent believer in the values we cherish, and he possesses the leadership we so desperately need to keep our nation safe from threats abroad,” said Norm Semanko, former Idaho Republican Party Chairman and RNC General Counsel. “I am honored to join this group of Republican Party leaders in support of his candidacy for president.”

“I am thrilled to have this group of courageous conservatives join our campaign,” said Cruz. “We must come together, as conservatives and fight for the values that have made this country great in order to win the White House. If we do that we will win and we will turn this country around.”

Listed in ALPHA order are the first 12 former GOP State Chairmen and Republican National Committee members endorsing Ted Cruz for President:

Cathie Adams – TX
Saul Anuzis – MI
Tina Benkiser – TX
Rich Cebra – ME
Jack Kimball – NH
Willes Lee – HI
Alex Mooney – MD
Ron Nehring – CA
Barry Peterson – ID
Mike Schroeder – CA
Norm Semanko – ID
George Strake – TX


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  1. Very impressive. Obviously these former Republican Party leaders understand the need for change within their own party and fully understand that the party needs a candidate that will fight to uphold the Constitution and protect our inalienable rights. We are fortunate to have a candidate like Sen. Ted Cruz who has demonstrated that he can lead the fight against the progressive agenda and return our country back to conservative values.

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