RNC Conservative Leaders Endorse Ted Cruz!

For Immediate Release RNC Conservative Leaders Endorse Cruz for President

Leaders of the RNC’s Conservative Steering Committee endorse Senator Ted Cruz. Ellen Barrosse, Melody Potter and Carolyn McLarty, “Ted Cruz is the full-spectrum conservative that the GOP and America need.”

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Wilmington, DE, January 5, 2016-​​​​​​​Ellen Barrosse, Melody Potter and Carolyn McLarty, leaders of the Conservative Steering Committee, the largest caucus in the Republican National Committee, endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President today.

Ms Barrosse, Ms. Potter and Dr. McLarty point to Senator Cruz’s record on protecting life, marriage and religious liberty rights, as well as his fiscal conservatism, and agree that Senator Cruz offers Republicans the best opportunity to unite and beat the Democratic nominee in November. This is a key endorsement from members of the RNC’s leadership and reflects a growing national consensus for Senator Cruz.

The Conservative Steering Committee (CSC) is the largest caucus in the RNC—95 of the 168 RNC members participate on the committee, which was founded to give a united voice to conservatives within the Party. Ms. Barrosse was elected Chairman and Ms. Potter was elected Vice Chairman when Dr. McLarty, former Chairman, stepped down last year. Dr. McLarty is also one of the founders of the caucus and chairs the RNC’s Resolutions Committee. The CSC itself has not endorsed a candidate in the primary.

“To beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, Republicans need to nominate a candidate that can unite all factions of the party—fiscal, social, and national-security conservatives. Senator Cruz is the best person to do that,” said Ms. Barrosse.

Dr. McLarty said, “Senator Cruz knows the Constitution inside and out. He has literally defended it at the Supreme Court, so I believe he will loyally defend it as President of the United States. He has the experience, the commitment and the demeanor to effectively and positively correct the course of our country.

“All of the candidates for President on the Republican side are capable, and we will enthusiastically support whichever of our fine candidates is eventually chosen by the Party, but Senator Cruz stands out for his full-spectrum conservative values.”

Ms. Barrosse added, “As businesswomen, we also admire the investment of time and money that Senator Cruz has made in every state and territory in the U.S.—the only candidate to build a nationwide political ground game. Senator Cruz has the values America needs, and as importantly, the strategic ability and the will to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Ms. Potter said, “Ted Cruz is uniquely positioned to be our strongest nominee going into the general election.  His ability to create a united conservative front, as well as his proven electoral history of appealing to Hispanic voters and swing Reagan Democrats, puts the GOP in the strongest position to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

“We will do everything that we can to help him win the nomination and the Presidency, and we will encourage our colleagues on the RNC to join us in the coming weeks,” said Ms. Barrosse.

Ms. Barrosse is the Delaware Republican National Committeewoman. In addition to serving as the Chairman of the CSC, she is on the RNC’s Rules Committee. She is the founder and former CEO of Synchrogenix, a global group of companies, and a board member of the American Principles Project.

Ms. Potter is the West Virginia Republican National Committeewoman. In addition to serving as the Vice Chairman of the CSC, she represents the Southern Region on the RNC’s Resolutions Committee and is co-owner of the Tri-Star Coal Sales Company.

Dr. McLarty is the Oklahoma Republican National Committeewoman. She is a founder and former Chairman of the CSC, and she is the Chairman of the RNC’s Resolutions Committee. She is a veterinarian, retired from private practice. Contact Information: Ellen Barrosse (302) 489-9096 ###

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5 Responses to RNC Conservative Leaders Endorse Ted Cruz!

  1. Kimberly montanaro says:

    Thank God! Finally something good out of Wilmington,DE! New Castle County sucks, Chris coons,tom carpet, and markell need to go! C’mon Delawareans, do the right thing this year! Vote Cruz, we need America back! Enough of obuma and his lawlessness!

  2. Jerri says:

    Cruz, you should have seized the opportunity to address the Militiamen in Oregon. You are a constitutional lawyer and have brought up the government overreach into the private sect or. This is a perfect example of that. It’s grassroots.

  3. He could not come across ad a militia leader which I guarantee will end up doing whatever they want. That would be a big mistake, if they do something stupid. What they did was fine, but when the men decided to go to jail and did not support their acts, they should have left. They could turn a win into a loss, if they are not careful..

  4. letty bromenschenkel says:

    the “establishment” decides

    Cruz has the most billionaires controlling him
    Cruz makes the best hinder sucker and lap dancer :
    Pro Amnesty ::: aw really not ::: until :::

  5. Elaine says:

    These people simply do not hear the silent Majority! The name from that group is Donald Trump! Senator Cruz should continue to lead in the Senate!

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