Proof that the is all a political stunt by House Dems


Nothing More than politics by the House Democratic Caucus…shameful!!

See the email below…

From: Democrats Sent: ‎9/‎10/‎2015 6:38 PM Subject: A Scene That Would Make Olivia Pope Proud

If you haven’t heard, Lansing has its own episode of Scandal playing out right before our eyes. It’s not the sex scandal that is raising eyebrows, it’s the made-for-TV performance of Republican Speaker Kevin Cotter and his team.

It started with Speaker Cotter failing to follow up on the firings of staffers who refused to help with the sex scandal cover-up, then when an investigation finally took place, the findings were “sanitized.” Speaker Cotter’s next act has been a made-for-TV special committee that has been heavy on performance art and light on evidence and facts. Today, Republican Speaker Kevin Cotter decided to sweep the facts under the rug and force a hurried and uninformed vote.

Representatives on both sides of the aisle agree it’s time for a full investigation, as Republican Representative Martin Howrylak made clear during session this afternoon:

Instead, the committee:

  • Struck the testimony of Speaker Cotter’s former Chief of Staff,
  • Did not allow testimony from the fired staffers in question,
  • And refused to use subpoena power to ensure that all of the facts came out.

Stand with us, in our fight to make sure the facts see the light of day.

Sign this open letter to tell Republican Speaker Kevin Cotter that what Michigan needs is evidence, facts, and the truth; not a well-orchestrated scene from a TV drama.



PS- Democrats aren’t going to vote to expel these members without the full investigation the people deserve. Sign this petition if you agree. 

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