Weekly Musing 7-26-15

Weekly Musing 7-26-15

Saul Anuzis

Days until the 2015 election: 107. Days until the 2016 election: 478.

Right Way

The Right Way Forward for Conservatism

The conservative movement in the U.S. arose in the years after World War II, in response to the New Deal’s enormous enlargement of the welfare state and the Cold War-era threat of expansionist totalitarian communism. Since those days, conservatives have successfully managed a range of setbacks and challenges, and they can do so again today.

They should forthrightly reaffirm their commitment to the Constitution’s principles of individual freedom, equality under law, and limited government—all of which presuppose and protect religious faith and traditional morality. They should distinguish among what they can alter, what they must accept and what they should embrace. And they should design principled reforms that can win majority support in a country where diversity ensures that any conceivable national majority will include a significant spectrum of opinion.


The fact-free left

THE OUTRAGE over another multiple murder of American military personnel on American soil by another Islamic extremist has been exacerbated by the fact that these military people had been ordered to be unarmed — and therefore sitting ducks.Millions of American civilians have also been forbidden to have guns, and are also sitting ducks — for criminals, terrorists or psychos.You might think that, before having laws or policies forcing fellow human beings to be defenseless targets, those who support such laws and policies would have some factual basis for believing that these gun restrictions save more lives, on net balance, than allowing more legal access to firearms. But you would be wrong.


Sad Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 say race relations in US are bad

Most Americans say race relations in the United States are bad, and those who view them as improving are outnumbered nearly 2-1 by those who think they’re getting worse, according to a new CBS/New York Times poll.

About six in 10 Americans, 57 percent, say race relations in the United States are poor, slightly down from April but at least 13 points higher than the previous several months in the poll.

Forty percent of both whites and blacks say race relations are getting worse in the United States, about double the percent of those who say they are improving, according to the poll.


Can A Computer Guess Who Is a Republican and Who Is a Democrat?

The question that data scientists at Quorum, a political analytics firm, sought to answer was this: Can computers use a similar process to come to the same conclusion? Could they teach a computer to predict political party from speech?

Mining the text of House and Senate floor speeches in the Congressional record, Quorum cofounder Jonathan Marks and his team wanted to see if they could accurately predict which congressional members belong to which party.

“We gave the computer a large amount of text, which had been fed by Republicans and Democrats,” Marks explains. “And then we asked it to identify patterns in the way that Democrats and Republicans talk that make them different.”

The program searched for the favorite words used by each party, but it also searched for the words that were uniquely favored by each party. Each party may say “America” often. But Republicans are much more likely to say “bureaucrats,” for example.

According to Marks, about 80 percent of the variation in the difference between what representatives say in Congress can be explained by party affiliation. According to his computer program, here are the words and phrases with the greatest predictive power for both parties.


Obama Shhh

The Taxman’s Politics – New evidence that IRS bias may have extended to tax audits

The Obama Administration has made a two-year career of dismissing concern about IRS policies targeting conservative tax-exempt groups. That evasion just got harder. New information shows the agency may have shown similar bias in tax audits.


There’s No Stopping the Trump Show

The GOP is damned if Trump stays and damned if he goes, and no one knows how the show will end.

Interesting perspective…



Madness and Skill

Many people assume Iran’s Supreme Leader does not know what he is doing. It’s a mistake to do so.


The World According to China

China’s enormous overseas spending has helped it displace the United States and Europe as the leading financial power in large parts of the developing world. Here’s where China has the most influence, based on its share of foreign investment since 2005


Cruz Book

Piss off the New York Times!!!

Buy this book…number one political book on Amazon…and piss of the liberal New York Times.


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