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“GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz vaulted to the top tier of the 2016 money race Wednesday, as supporters announced that super PACs backing his bid had raised $31 million in a single week.

The haul — which ranks as one of the biggest fundraising surges in modern presidential history — served as a sudden wake-up call for the rest of the likely Republican field, particularly Jeb Bush, who until now had enjoyed his status as the premier fundraiser in the contest’s early stage.” Washington Post 4-8-15

Ted Cruz

Network of ‘Super PACs’ Says That It Has Raised $31 Million for Ted Cruz Bid


Groups backing Ted Cruz raise $31 million in a single week


Cruz answers Rand with $31 million bombshell


Exclusive: New Ted Cruz Super-PACs Take in Record Haul


Exclusive: New Ted Cruz Super-PACs Take in Record Haul


Yes, Ted Cruz super PACs are expected to rake in $31 million….in a single week


Cruz super-PACs make $31 million haul in first week of campaign


Ted Cruz super PACs are raising ‘eye-popping’ amounts of cash http://www.businessinsider.com/ted-cruz-super-pacs-raising-31-million-2015-4?op=1

Pro-Cruz Super PACs Expect $31 Million First-Week Haul


Network of Cruz super PACs boasts big haul


Ted Cruz’s Fundraising Hauls Are Off The Charts



and then…

Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign Launch Destroyed Rand Paul’s On Facebook


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