Weekly Musing 8-11-13

Weekly Musing 8-11-13

Saul Anuzis


Mayor Mike Duggan for Detroit???

Mike Duggan waged an impressive write-in campaign in the city of Detroit to make it into the final round.  A very partisan – machine politician, Duggan has proven to be a “can do” leader that could be exactly what Detroit needs at this time.


MI U.S. Senate Race

Republicans are fired up in Michigan as strong candidates continue to emerge as possible nominees.  Terri Land, Dave Camp and Kurt Dykstra have emerged as viable options, and Rob Steele’s name is still out there. America needs Michigan to deliver…and we need to do our part for America!


Chuck Yob Tribute

I’m honored to join many Republican leaders to Co-Chair Kent County GOP’s tribute to Chuck Yob on September 17th.  I’ve been friends with Chuck for nearly 30 years and yes,have been on different sides often enough.  However, everyone recognizes his commitment to our party and our cause.  I hope you can join us to honor Chuck and his work.



Why Obama doesn’t dare speak about Detroit

You don’t hear the president talking about Detroit. Maybe the reason Detroit is bankrupt today is because for decades it was governed, in large part, by the Obama playbook: Soak the rich, choke small businesses, and squeeze the middle class with high taxes (in the case of Detroit that included sky high property, commercial and industrial taxes).

Out of control taxing and spending by government in Detroit was one reason a staggering 25 percent of the city’s population moved out between 2000 and 2010.



Republicans, stick to your principles

As Republicans wrestle with how to oppose President Barack Obama, what to do about Obamacare and how to compare the value of fights based on principle versus fights based on clever calculation, there may be some lessons from one of the darkest periods of Republican history.





The one who would reinvent Detroit

Against this litany of woes, Snyder happily illustrates the city’s revival by brandishing his shiny new wristwatch. It is a Shinola, manufactured here from Swiss parts, by a startup that also makes bicycles and other things. About the vacant land opened up as the population has contracted Snyder says: “Hops.” This grain is used to make beer, and microbreweries make, or at least often accompany, urban gentrification. And those hundreds of millions of public funds for a new hockey arena? He gamely explains it as a “quality of life” magnet for the gentrifiers.


With that, Snyder shifts, as a governor should, into Michigan chauvinism: With its lakes and “micro-climates,” Michigan has, he says, the nation’s second-most diverse climate, so just about anything can be grown, even Detroit. Here — he bounces back to urban reinvention mode — “the middle class was created,” beginning with Henry Ford’s 1914 decision to pay workers an astonishing $5 a day.


Snyder, who is up for reelection in 2014, is not worried about Detroit voters punishing him because of astringent life under an unelected emergency manager. Snyder notes, smiling, that in 2010 he got more than twice the percentage of Detroit’s vote than Romney received in 2012. Romney won 2.08 percent.





Senate Control Hinges on Fate of Southern Dems
Republicans are counting on some Southern comfort to win Senate control next year.


The fate of Democratic incumbents in GOP-trending Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina, the ability of the 71-year-old GOP leader to hold his Kentucky seat and the eventual outcome of a Georgia primary will help decide whether Republicans gain the six seats necessary to grab power in the Senate for the final two years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Fifteen months before Election Day, the GOP has a genuine shot at the majority, especially with the midterm elections’ traditional low turnout and possible Obama fatigue on the party’s side. But both Republicans and Democrats stop short of writing off several Democratic incumbents who would have to lose for the GOP to regain.




Michigan’s Land could self-finance 2014 GOP Senate bid
GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land and her husband are worth tens of millions of dollars — some of which they could invest in her bid to replace the retiring Sen. Carl Levin.


Land, the former two-time Michigan secretary of state, reported in financial disclosure forms that she and husband Dan Hibma have assets of at least $34 million — without counting liabilities. Much of her family’s wealth comes from owning nearly 70 properties in West Michigan and Florida, according to documents she filed with the U.S. Senate necessary to run for the federal office.




Michigan GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has deep pockets

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land and her family have assets worth tens of millions of dollars, mostly in western Michigan apartment complexes and Florida condominiums run by her husband, according to a financial disclosure report.
Land, 55, listed dozens of apartment complexes, real estate development businesses and other assets worth at least $34 million, total. The high range was nearly $41 million, though could be even more because several were listed as “over $1 million.”





Top 10 Questions Journalists Won’t Ask President Obama at Press Conference

President Barack Obama rarely makes himself available to the mainstream media. They adore him anyway. At rare press conferences, such as the one scheduled for noon Friday at the White House, they lob softball questions or accept his evasive, meandering answers, rarely pressing him for clarity, much less truth. But there are many questions that the president ought to answer, yet which he is unlikely to face at all.





Black Self Sabotage

Disgustingly black politicians, civil right leaders, liberals and the president are talking nonsense about “having a conversation about race.”  That’s beyond useless.  Tell me how a conversation with white people is going to stop black predators from preying on blacks.  How is such a conversation going to eliminate the 75 percent illegitimacy rate.  What will such a conversation do about the breakdown of the black family and even the term breakdown is not the correct word.  The family doesn’t form in the first place. Only black people can solve our problems.\





It’s the data, stupid — GOP can’t let loyalty and power trump innovation
After analyzing the pre- and post-2012 digital strategies of both parties, I believe the GOP’s power structure magnifies the technological disadvantage the party now suffers.


Furthermore, I agree wholeheartedly with the RNC’s post-election report, which pegged the GOP’s performance gap as more of a “culture problem” than a “technology problem.”


As Harper Reed, Obama’s 2012 campaign chief technology officer, stated in a recent Washington Post article, “You can teach technologists politics. You don’t teach technology to politicians.”


Herein lies the crux of the Republican Party’s problem: the GOP establishment remains unwaveringly loyal to a handful of uber-consultants who raise money by leveraging relationships, rather than investing in the talent and technologies that would enable any consultant—uber or not—to be effective.





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