Weekly Musing 4-21-13

Weekly Musing 4-21-13

Saul Anuzis



America Standing Strong in Boston!


The ‘Co-exist’ Bombers

This has been a strange and deadly week in America. On Monday, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, the first successful terrorist attack on a civilian target on American soil since 9/11. And yet a mere two days later, Boston’s death toll was surpassed by a freak fertilizer accident at a small town in Texas.


In America, all atrocities are not equal: Minutes after the Senate declined to support so-called gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre, the president rushed ill-advisedly on air to give a whiny, petulant performance predicated on the proposition that one man’s mass infanticide should call into question the constitutional right to bear arms. Simultaneously, the media remain terrified that another man’s mass infanticide might lead you gullible rubes to question the constitutional right to abortion, so the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia has barely made the papers — even though it involves large numbers of fully delivered babies who were decapitated and had their feet chopped off and kept in pickling jars. Which would normally be enough to guarantee a perpetrator front-page coverage for weeks on end. In the most recent testimony, one of the “clinic”’s “nurses” testified that she saw a baby delivered into the toilet, where his little arms and feet flapped around as if trying to swim to safety. Then another “women’s health worker” reached in and, in the procedure’s preferred euphemism, “snipped” the baby’s neck — i.e., severed his spinal column. “Doctor” Gosnell seems likely to prove America’s all-time champion mass murderer. But his victims are ideologically problematic for the media, and so the poor blood-soaked monster will never get his moment in the spotlight.


The politicization of mass murder found its perfect expression in one of those near-parodic pieces to which the more tortured self-loathing dweebs of the fin de civilisation West are prone.




Democrats UNITE behind Gary Peters for U.S. Senate

In what may prove to be a very smart move on the part of Democrats, Debbie Dingell announced she will NOT run for the U.S. Senate and will rally her support behind liberal Congressman Gary Peters.


With Senator Carl Levin retiring and his vacancy being filled in a “off year” election here in Michigan, the country is watching who takes this important seat.


Republicans continue to search for a candidate who can once again appeal to the “Reagan Democrats” and SE Michigan’s working conservatives who swing Michigan elections.  Two new names have been floating in last few weeks who are not “traditional” politicians, former Domino’s Pizza turn-around exec and U of M Athletic Director Dave Brandon and Detroit civic leader and Walbridge construction company president John Rakolta add fresh perspectives to various names being floated out there.


This is a unique opportunity for Michigan as well as Michigan Republicans. Now, more than ever, the U.S. Senate needs another conservative voice to help defeat some of the radical and unaffordable policies of the Obama Administration.  We need someone who understands job creation and believes in American Exceptionalism.  What America needs is an Opportunity Society agenda to put people back to work and make America great again!





The pursuit of liberty is a marathon

Please tell your children this:  We are attacked in America because we speak about and believe in the power of people to guide themselves through life, to make their own decisions, to think their own thoughts, to speak freely and to pursue their own happiness.


Tell them that as long as the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial and the Statue of Liberty grace our great land that those opposed to equality and freedom will always see us as enemies. Tell them that we must always be vigilant, but never afraid.


Tell them that we cannot be defeated, because the truth wins, every time.  And we, in America, hold great truths to be self-evident.

Tell them that liberty is a marathon.




Fault Lines Loom for “Dominant” Dem Majority

In my book, “The Lost Majority,” I express doubts regarding the theories of inherent party dominance, whether propagated by either side. One of the major themes of the book is that parties have, indeed, put together broad-based “coalitions of everyone.” But these coalitions are almost always unstable, as constituent groups’ interests inevitably bump up against one another, and as the other party adapts. Sooner or later — almost always sooner — some new issue cleavage emerges to split the prevailing party’s coalition apart.




Get Rich or Deny Trying – How to make millions off Obama

Welcome to the buckraking phase of the Obama era. If the campaign was about hope, and the early presidency was about change, increasingly the administration has settled into a kind of normalcy in which it accommodates itself to Washington far more than Washington accommodates itself to Obama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing when the result is a bipartisan schmooze-fest at the Jefferson Hotel. But when it comes to the D.C. custom of trading a White House security clearance for a private-sector sinecure, there’s a lot to be said for not going native so easily.


Within Obamaworld, there are a few unwritten rules about how to parlay one’s experience into a handsome payday. There is, for example, a loose taboo against joining a K Street lobbying shop and explicitly trading on administration connections. And while joining a consulting firm is acceptable, those who do are reluctant to work for clients reviled by liberals: gun makers, tobacco companies, Big Oil, union busters. Above all, there is a simple prohibition against excessive tackiness. “It’s like: Don’t embarrass yourself. You were part of something special,” says a longtime Obama adviser. “I think if [Obama] were to send an all-staff e-mail, it would be along the lines of Ron Burgundy—‘Stay classy, San Diego.’ ”




A Rocky Second Term for Obama?

All in all, Obama’s political position seems surprisingly weak today even though he won a strong re-election victory less than six months ago.

Obama tried to console and inspire the people of Boston Thursday with a well-received speech at an interfaith religious service there. But even his ability to serve as a comforter in chief will have limited effect in helping him win congressional approval of his second-term priorities. These include overhauling immigration laws, finding a “grand bargain” to reduce the deficit and limiting climate change.





What’s behind the funding of the welfare state

The regulatory, administrative state, which progressives champion, is generally a servant of the strong, for two reasons. It responds to financially powerful and politically sophisticated factions. And it encourages rent-seekers to exploit opportunities for concentrated benefits and dispersed costs (e.g., agriculture subsidies confer sums on large agribusinesses by imposing small costs on 316 million Americans).


Such government inevitably means executive government and the derogation of the legislative branch, both of which produce exploding government debt. By explaining these perverse effects of progressivism, the Hudson Institute’s Christopher DeMuth explains contemporary government’s cascading and reinforcing failures.





How out of touch is today’s GOP?

But is there any point at which the party’s overall image — and its unpopular stances on specific issues — actually do begin to matter in some concrete way? Is there any point at which it becomes clear that the current GOP strategy — make a deal with Democrats on immigration, but nothing else — is insufficient? What would that look like? Anyone?




GOP Civil War: Establishment turning to Threats, Name-Calling and Dirty Tricks as Grassroots Momentum Builds

This analysis is a little lose in the way they use their terms…I guess anyone who doesn’t agree with them is establishment and not from the grassroots…simplistic at best.  But it’s worth reading and understanding the party’s growing pains…or at least I hope what end up being growing pains.


(The Subsidiarity Times) As the GOP Civil War intensifies, the Establishment is growing more desperate as the Grassroots groups (Liberty Movement; Tea Party; Social Conservatives) continue to advance and take over the Republican Party. In mid-February 2013, Professor Angelo Codevilla diagnosed the extraordinary transformation of the attitude of the people at the local levels as being due to a growing realization by voters that they are not being represented by the new “ruling class” in the higher levels of the political parties. With this realization, as unveiled by Professor Codevilla, sinking in on more and more Americans, the momentum of the Grassroots attempted takeover of the Republican Party continues to grow which is leading to desperate tactics on the part of the Establishment to try and stop the momentum. This is leading to the war becoming even more nasty, and makes the likelihood of a division in the Republican Party even more probable. The only question which remains is whether the split will lead to an existence of two major parties on the right, like which happened in Canada in the late 20th Century, or to the complete death of one major party and its replacement by a new rising party, like what happened in the mid-19th Century in America with the Whig Party’s replacement by the Republican Party. What follows here are updates on battles in the GOP Civil War as it continues into its fourth and fifth months.





America Needs an Alternative Maximum Tax

With Monday’s deadline for filing tax returns looming, let’s start a national conversation: How much is the most anyone should have to pay? When do taxes indisputably start to harm the economy and produce less revenue—when government takes 50% of people’s income? 60%? 70%?





6 Reasons Why States Should Continue to Oppose Obamacare

Over the past year, 34 states have decided against implementing some, or any, parts of Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges—and with good reason. As Cato Institute Health Policy Director Michael Cannon argues in his recent paper “50 Vetoes: How States Can Stop the Obama Health Care Law,” states have the power to block many of Obamacare’s most troublesome provisions and consequences simply by refusing to participate in the implementation process. Cannon’s paper provides an array of reasons why state legislators should resist the law. Here are six:





Growing Ties Between Michigan And China

Michigan exported $3.2 billion worth of goods and services to China in 2012, a 25 percent increase from 2011. (Only Canada and Mexico ranked higher). In addition, Michigan is one of the top 10 states for direct investment from China with over $917 million in capital dollars coming this way in 2012 making it one of the Top 10 states in the nation.





Yes, There Is a Gosnell Trial Cover-up by Major News Organizations

Mollie Hemingway did yeoman’s work chronicling how faithfully The Washington Post’s health reporter, who covered Todd Aiken, the Susan G. Komen controversy, and the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, didn’t write a single story on the Gosnell trial. No abortion regulation is too small for the mainstream media to cover; no stupid comment about abortion by any Republican goes unnoticed. So her disinterest in this trial is inexplicable.


But while the left has alternately attacked the right for its alleged lack of interest and for paying too much of the “wrong sort” of attention, I haven’t heard a lot about the near silence from the feminist organizations that lecture us endlessly about how they stand for women’s health. I find the claims now that feminists were deeply upset about poor minority women being abused and killed along with their babies a little tough to believe. A search for “Gosnell” on NOW’s website yielded only two hits, both from 2011. Search for “Gosnell” on the League of Women Voters website and you will find nothing. The same search on the NARAL and Planned Parenthood sites returned the same number of hits: zero.





From Roe to Gosnell – The case for regime change on abortion.

When you dissent from Roe v. Wade, you notice that people committed to the pro-abortion side almost never acknowledge that the question of abortion poses a conflict of rights or of legitimate interests. Try to pin them down as to where they’d draw the line–at what point in fetal development does abortion become unacceptable? It’s pretty much impossible. The court in Casey said abortion could be restricted after 23 to 24 weeks, earlier than Roe’s 28 weeks, but groups like Planned Parenthood oppose restrictions on late-term abortion, too. All they care about is “a woman’s right to choose.”





88 Acres – How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future

The Redmond Operations Center (often called “the ROC”) is located in a drab, nondescript office park. Inside is something unique – a new state-of-the-art “brain” that is transforming Microsoft’s 125-building, 41,664-employee headquarters into one of the smartest corporate campuses in the world.


Smith and his team have been working for more than three years to unify an incongruent network of sensors from different eras (think several decades of different sensor technology and dozens of manufacturers). The software that he and his team built strings together thousands of building sensors that track things like heaters, air conditioners, fans, and lights – harvesting billions of data points per week. That data has given the team deep insights, enabled better diagnostics, and has allowed for far more intelligent decision making. A test run of the program in 13 Microsoft buildings has provided staggering results – not only has Microsoft saved energy and millions in maintenance and utility costs, but the company now is hyper-aware of the way its buildings perform.





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