Weekly Musing 3-24-13

Weekly Musing 3-24-13

Saul Anuzis



You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. 

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. 

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. 

You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. 

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. 

You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. 

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln ~



Detroit native Carson could break barriers in Senate race

This is EXACTLY the kind of candidate Michigan and our country needs.

Carson said at the prayer breakfast that “in this country, one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression.”

Blacks have never fully enjoyed that freedom, first because of slavery, then Jim Crow, and now due to self-imposed sanctions on what African Americans can think and say politically and still keep their street cred.

If he got in the Michigan Senate race as a conservative Republican, Carson would test whether blacks are willing to extend to an African-American icon the freedom to think for himself.




U.S. Senate – MI

I believe Michigan is looking for a common sense conservative with practical, simple solutions to America’s challenges.  To paraphrase Reagan, they may be simple but not necessarily easy.


Please share your thoughts, ideas, support and encouragement to the various potential candidates that you are most likely to support.  They need to hear from you!


Activists asked me to address a few more issues.  In order to make it easy to check on where I stand on various issues, I have created a separate page on my blog entitled “On the Issues”.  I’ll update it regularly…you can find it here:




2nd Amendment

I’m a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  I think we have plenty of laws regulating the sales of firearms and that we should FIRST concentrate on enforcing the laws we have on the books.  I am a Life Member of the NRA and a supporter of GOA.


Balanced Budget Amendment

I am less than optimistic that Washington has the political will to live within its means and balance the budget without a constitutional amendment.  The political realities of electing enough members to support fiscal responsibility are daunting.  I would support a phase in process that cuts 1% of each federal budget, by Department, annually until we have balanced the budget.  This would allow for some flexibility while requiring real cuts.



I am a strict constructionist and Federalist.  I have proposed a 10th Amendment Project that would shift power back to the state where their political leaders tend to be closer to their constituents.  We should block grant any and every program possible back to the states and closer to “we the people”.


RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project Report

The Republican National Committee released its finding on what it believes it needs to do next to turn our party around.  Check it out, share your comments and get involved…you can make a difference.





Missed CPAC 2013 – YouTube recordings of the Speeches here

If you missed any of the speeches or would like to see them again, here is a complete collection on the ACU youtube channel.





The America that works

“THE greatest nation on earth—the greatest nation on earth—cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. We can’t do it,” fulminated Barack Obama last month. The crisis of the moment, the “sequester” (a package of budget cuts designed to be so ghastly that Congress would pass a better version), duly came into effect on March 1st. Unless Congress agrees on an extension to its budget, the government will start to shut down on March 28th. In May the greatest nation will hit its debt ceiling; unless it is raised, Uncle Sam will soon start defaulting on his bills.


This is the America that China’s leaders laugh at, and the rest of the democratic world despairs of. Its debt is rising, its population is ageing in a budget-threatening way, its schools are mediocre by international standards, its infrastructure rickety, its regulations dense, its tax code byzantine, its immigration system hare-brained—and it has fallen from first position in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness rankings to seventh in just four years. Last year both Mr Obama and his election opponent, Mitt Romney, complained about the American dream slipping away. Today, the country’s main businesses sit on nearly $2 trillion in cash, afraid to invest in part because corporate bosses cannot imagine any of Washington’s feuding partisans fixing anything.



Yet there is also another America, where things work. One hint comes from what those bosses like to call the real economy. Recent numbers from the jobs market and the housing sector have been quite healthy. Consumer balance-sheets are being repaired. The stockmarket has just hit a record high. Some of this is cyclical: the private sector is rebounding from the crunch. But it also reflects the fact that, beyond the District of Columbia, the rest of the country is starting to tackle some of its deeper competitive problems. Businesses and politicians are not waiting for the federal government to ride to their rescue. Instead, as our special report this week shows, they are getting to grips with the failings Congress is ignoring.




The end of the Obama honeymoon?

And, there is more evidence that the national conversation has taken a turn for the worst for President Obama in the last two weeks. Using the “National Dialogue Monitor” (a tool that “tracks every time a celebrity, organization, issue or corporation is mentioned across all media channels — television, radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites and social networks — measuring the associated volume, tone, and topics of each tracked entity”), the Republican consulting firm TargetPoint has built a chart that makes this very point. (Click on graphic for a bigger version.)





The Republican problem with Hispanic voters — in 7 charts

The Republican National Committee’s “Growth and Opportunity Project”, a 100-page autopsy of what went wrong in 2012, is an attempt to re-start a party that has stalled out nationally — having come up short in consecutive presidential elections and having suffered popular vote defeats in four out of the last five contests.


But words alone don’t tell the story of both the necessity and the challenge of Republicans finding a way to broaden their demographic coalition.

Below we tell that story in 7 charts.





Conservative Majority Of America? They Just Don’t Know It

A recent poll by The Hill has given us some extraordinarily revealing insights into the electorate that Republicans keep losing nationally.

There is a strong conservative majority in America. They just don’t know it, because of labeling and branding problems.





Under Obama’s Rule, Only the Peasants Tighten Their Belts
• Federal workers and retirees owe $3.5 billion in back taxes, the IRS says. An astounding $833,000 is owed by just 36 senior officials on President Obama’s executive office staff. If “everybody should pay their fair share,” why haven’t they?
• Mr. Obama has a larger staff than President George W. Bush did and pays them more. Nearly a third of the 457 people on the White House staff — which includes three calligraphers — now earn six figures.
• Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion last year for the president’s staff and to house, entertain and fly around the country the president and his family, said author Robert Keith Gray. The royal family cost taxpayers in Britain just $57.8 million.





No, wait — could Rand Paul actually win?
“He’s more cautious than voters realize: Paul often speaks carefully and gives nuanced answers. It’s an acknowledgment of sorts that if he wants to be a mainstream leader of the party, he needs to be careful about offending large swaths of Republicans. His immigration speech is a case in point. A … draft … prompted [AP] to report that he would endorse a ‘path to citizenship,’ but when Paul delivered his speech, he avoided [a mention of green cards that had been in the advanced text] … The episode showed how careful Paul is not to offend activists in places like Iowa. On other issues, Paul takes a states-rights federalist approach. He thinks states should decide whether to allow medicinal marijuana, for example. … He appears to have fewer skeletons than his father.”




It’s Time To Bust Up the Big Banks
There are more than 5,000 banks in the United States today, but 12 of them control 69 percent of the banking industry’s total assets.

Most Americans want these megabanks treated like any other. If a large bank reaches the point where it can no longer meet its obligations, just 25 percent support a bailout to keep it in business. But federal policy is just the opposite. The view from Washington, D.C., and Wall Street is that these firms must be propped up at all costs because their collapse would hurt the overall economy.


This provides what Richard W. Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, calls “perverse market incentives.” It lets big banks engage in risky behavior knowing they can’t lose because the federal government will have taxpayers pick up the tab.





Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

New technology will make us all agents for Google. Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch, says the implications for privacy are profoundly worrying.





The Touch-Screen Generation

Young children—even toddlers—are spending more and more time with digital technology. What will it mean for their development?




With US-Russia relationship toxic, Moscow looks to strengthen ties with China

It’s probably no coincidence that newly-minted Chinese leader Xi Jinping chose Moscow, where he arrived Friday for a three-day visit, to be his first foreign destination.


Over the coming weekend Mr. Xi will huddle in the Kremlin with President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and other Russian officials to discuss the usual list of items on the two countries’ burgeoning bilateral trade agenda: Russian gas, oil, arms, and engineering goods in exchange for Chinese consumer products. Official sources say they expect about 30 agreements to be signed, mainly in the field of energy.





In Moscow, new Chinese leader Xi warns against meddling

Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping warned against foreign interference in the affairs of other nations during a speech in Moscow on Saturday, sending a signal to the West and echoing a message often repeated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Permanent U.N. Security Council members with veto power, Russia and China have frequently teamed up diplomatically to blunt the influence of the United States and its NATO allies and have blocked three draft resolutions on Syria.

“We must respect the right of each country in the world to independently choose its path of development and oppose interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” Xi told students at an international relations school.




Henry Kissinger’s “On China”

An EXCELLENT analysis & historical prospective of US-Sino relations.





We could all use a little inspiration every once in a while…awesome!





3FiftyTerrace 100 Yards away from Tiger Stadium

Looking for a great place to tailgate before or after a Tiger’s game…check out Detroit’s newest roof top venue!





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