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Update 3/23/13

Let me attempt to be as direct and short as possible in laying out my general position on the issues. Please don’t interpret my omission or inclusion of any issue as anything more than trying to address questions that have been raised. As always, feel free to write or call me and I’ll let you know where I stand on any issue.

My parents passed on and instilled a work ethic that served me well starting a small business, serving as State Chairman and raising a family. I hope to take advantage of those values in this next quest.

I want to be a voice for the average American family, I want my kids to have a shot at the American Dream just like I did, and I want every family to be able to earn a good living, build a nice life for themselves, and live free– that’s the way America should be.

2nd Amendment: I’m a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I think we have plenty of laws regulating the sales of firearms and that we should FIRST concentrate on enforcing the laws we have on the books. I am a Life Member of the NRA and a supporter of GOA.

Balanced Budget Amendment: I am less than optimistic that Washington has the political will to live within its means and balance the budget without a constitutional amendment. The political realities of electing enough members to support fiscal responsibility are daunting. I would support a phase in process that cuts 1% of each federal budget, by Department, annually until we have balanced the budget. This would allow for some flexibility while requiring real cuts.

Constitution/Judges: I am a strict constructionist and Federalist. I have proposed a 10th Amendment Project that would shift power back to the state where their political leaders tend to be closer to their constituents. We should block grant any and every program possible back to the states and closer to “we the people”.

National Security: I believe in “peace through strength”. I think America is in a unique position in the world and should play a leadership role. However, I don’t believe we should serve as the world’s “policemen” nor do I feel we have an obligation for “nation building”. The other countries of the world have an obligation to pay their fair share of any joint defense and unless it serves our defensive strategic interests, we should stay out of every disagreement around the world.

Taxes: I support a move towards a consumption tax that would replace all other forms of income and corporate taxes. The “Fair Tax” proposal offers a realistic road map towards getting to a more transparent and fairer tax system across the board.

As an interim step, I would support a flatter and lower tax rate across the board that allow Americans to keep more of what they make. I believe EVERY American should pay something and have “skin in the game”. I would support a cap of some $25,000 annually for all deductions to insure tax shelters and other tax loopholes aren’t used to allow some not to pay their fair share.

Jobs: I’m a proponent of lowering the tax rates, reducing over burdensome regulation and allowing America’s entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. A simpler and fairer tax code, a rationale regulatory system, a Right to Work environment and fair trade policies would allow American job providers to invest the trillions that are sitting on the side lines, waiting for sound government policies.

Too big to fail means they are too big. Government has a role and in certain circumstances can provide critical assistance. But you can’t have capitalism and free markets on the way up and socialism on the way down.

Bailing out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street is bad policy. Crony Capitalism as exemplified by the Obama Administration is wrong.

Healthcare: I support the repeal of Obamacare. We need a patient based, market oriented healthcare system that allows the patient and the doctor to make the right choices under each circumstance. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, Health Care Savings Accounts, Tort Reform and transparency in costs and services are critical.

Social Issues: I am pro-life. I support traditional marriage. I do believe we have to be more tolerant of those whom we may not agree with or believe is contrary to our faith or beliefs. I also believe we need to respect the right of every American to practice their religion and therefore the respect for Traditional Marriage, exceptions from Obamacare and other mandates due to religious objections should be respected and protected.

Energy: I believe in an “All the Above” policy where we take advantage of EVERY source of energy that is available to us. There is no reason that America can’t become energy self-sufficient or at least drastically less reliant on some of the friendlier places in the world for our energy needs. Too much of our foreign policy is dictated by our energy policy and too many of our children have died for a barrel of oil. We have the technology and resources right here, in our hemisphere.

I support eliminating subsidies, leveling the regulatory rules and regulations, creating a level playing field for all energy producers in our tax code and encouraging innovation and research for more renewable and cleaner energy.

National Popular Vote: There appears to be a tremendous amount of confusion on this proposal. It does not eliminate the Electoral College, rather it replaces the current winner take all system by state to a national popular vote to determine how electors from each state shall be chosen for the Electoral College.

This insures that every vote, in every state counts. Today, only battle ground or swing state matter under the current rules, making states like Ohio and Florida relevant and 4 out of 5 voters “fly over” spectators in the process. Simply put, I want our votes to count, I want every vote to count equally.

Domestic Spying & Drones: I oppose the over-reaching efforts of our government to spy on our citizens without a warrant, probably cause or due process. The idea that a drone could be used to kill an American citizen, without a trial of his or her peers is outrageous and unacceptable.

10th Amendment Project: I would like to see us undertake a project in Washington to give back all the rights and responsibilities NOT granted under the Constitution back to the state to administer. State and local governments are closer to the people and tend to be more responsive and responsible to its citizens.

I would support any program that is given back to the states with block grant funding of federal funds to reduce the size of our federal government.

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  1. jrfoleyjr says:

    Immigration policy should be one of the listed items. Common sense seems to go out the window when illegal aliens are mentioned and people start bleeding all over about how they are just good folks that come here looking for a job. These same bleeding hearts don’t seem to mind that citizens also looking for a job cant seem to find one. I met a few of these bleeders at the Kent County GOP at one time or another.

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  3. You haven’t answered my questions on repeal of DOMA and on repeal of the Michigan constitution amendment defining marriage.

  4. Darlene Littlejohn says:

    Saul, I am confused about your National Popular Vote position. I can favor this ONLY if you mean dividing the electors by congressional districts such as Maine and Nebraska do.

  5. foodcooppres says:

    Could you be more specific about your pro-life positions? Do you support repeal of Roe v. Wade?
    What about a national law protecting life from conception? Do you think more should be done to promote adoption? What exceptions would you support–life of the mother, health of the mother, rape or incest? (I believe only the life of the mother is a supportable exception.) If abortion became illegal, would it be a crme and who would be punished if so? How passionately would you fight to save unborn babies? I would like to hear your heart on this issue.

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