Weekly Musing 3-10-13

Weekly Musing 3-10-13

Saul Anuzis



A Unique Opportunity for Michigan Republicans

First, whether one agrees with Senator Carl Levin’s policies or politics, one has to thank him and recognize him for his service.  I don’t think anyone can challenge his integrity, commitment and service to our state.


Having said that, this is our time, our opportunity and our responsibility to help our country by sending a solid, common sense conservative to the United States Senate.  Senator Levin’s retirement provides a once in a lifetime (politically speaking) opportunity to win a seat in Michigan.  In presidential off years, we’ve elected a Republican Governor, SOS, AG, State Senate, State House and a majority in our Congressional delegation.  We are a “purple” state that can go “red” under the right circumstance.


The time is now!



My thoughts on the US Senate Race

I have been overwhelmed by the encouraging and kind calls, emails and online posts encouraging me to run for the Senate.  I have to confess, I did not anticipate the kind of moral support from my friends from around the state, let alone from around the country.


As I said in one interview, I hope and expect some great candidates to emerge.  My personal challenge maybe that I’m just too average and maybe a bit too conservative (and often quoted) to be the right candidate at this unique time in Michigan’s political history?


I come from an immigrant working class family that grew up in the city of Detroit.  I worked as a Teamster, paying my way through the commuter campus of the University of Michigan in Dearborn.  I spend my career as a staffer in the state legislature and a small businessman/entrepreneur over the last 25 years.  Some of which could be considered successful and others that didn’t end up so successful.  I’ve made some money and I’ve lost some money.  I have a mortgage, carry credit card debt, struggle to help pay for my 4 sons way through college and yes, I cut my own lawn (kids help) and shovel our snow:)  To paraphrase the old tv sports show, I’ve been part of and lived through the “joys of victory and the agony of defeat”.


No Harvard, no elected office, no big business successes and no unique, super cool stories that make me someone special.  Rather, I’m a pretty average guy who’s been blessed with a great family and great life…having been through some of the best of times and some of the worst of times.


Having said that, this is a unique time in Michigan’s political history where we have a real opportunity to win this Senate seat for Republicans and a constitutional conservative.  I am going to take a few weeks and seriously explore the opportunities, options and the kind of support I can put together.  Given the initial response from so many of you, I owe it to myself to serious explore my options.


So why maybe me?  My family found its share of the American Dream in an auto factory in Detroit.  I believe in American Exceptionalism and believe that our best days are yet before us.  I share in the concept of helping create an Opportunity Society of all, where we take the best the free market has to offer and encourage rather than guarantee the real pursuit of happiness.


I support an efficient, yet limited government that provides a safety net for those who can’t help themselves, but does not create a welfare society as a way of life.


I want to foster economic growth by limiting over burdensome rules and regulations, flattening, lowering and simplifying our tax code.  I support moving towards a flat tax or fair tax – one that is fair, transparent and accountable.


I believe in peace through strength.  We have a role and responsibility to defend our country and our way of life.  We should deal with our enemies and their threats with everything we’ve got.  But I oppose the concept of nation building or the idea that America should be the world’s policeman.  If and when needed, we get in, do the job and get out.  I believe in real Homeland security not long term international engagements.


Liberty and individual freedom are the foundations of our society and our country.  I vehemently oppose President Obama’s policies that are attempting to create a “European social democratic” state or a “nanny state” that reminds me too much of Orwell’s great books.  From Obamacare to the domestic use of drones, to over intrusive domestic spying and “random” pat downs of citizens in our airports, I believe our government has gone too far. 


We are a constitutional Republic, with certain inalienable rights that our Founders spelled out in our Constitutions, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.  A foundation where we the people, lend our God given rights and authority to our government and our representatives to form and oversee a more perfect union.  These “First Principles” as they have often been called are much maligned and forgotten by too many who seek and currently do represent us.


It might sound quaint, but I draw a lot of inspiration from my time as a Boy Scout, from cub-scout to troop leader, and still hold to this simple truth: a good life is one based on serving God, family, country and community.


To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, what we have to do is fairly simple but not necessarily easy.  So I will humbly go forward to see if there is any reasonable opportunity for me to do my part to help restore the American Dream.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



CPAC 2013 coming March 14-16th

The largest conference of conservatives nationwide will take place in Washington DC this March.  The venue has moved to National Harbor, just over the bridge from Alexandria.  For more information and registration goto:




Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

201 Waterfront Street

National Harbor, MD 20745

CPAC Room Rate: $249/per night.  CPAC Student Rate: $219/per night. Reservation links are now disabled. Please call 301-965-4000 to book your rooms.







William F. Buckley Jr. and CPAC’s Mission

William F. Buckley did not, in fact, write CPAC’s mission statement. But he could have.


Because Mr. Buckley understood that CPAC is not designed to be the Big Tent.


CPAC is the Conservative Tent.





10 Black Conservatives Speaking At CPAC 2013 – A Growing Movement!

CPAC is the largest and most prominent annual event for the conservative movement. Every year, the conference attracts more than 10,000 attendees and the biggest names in the Republican Party.

The gathering draws speakers from every facet of the activist movement. The speakers include media darlings such as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump; congressional leaders such as U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; business leaders such as ACU Board Member Carly Fiorina; and leading activists such as National Rifle Association CEO, Wayne LaPierre and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly.


There will even be a reunion of sorts, as 2012 presidential candidates Mitt Romney, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum are scheduled to be speakers.


For those of you who do not believe that black conservatives exist, CPAC has assembled a stunning array of speakers from the African-American community. If you are an African American (and even if you are not), you may want to tune in and listen to these speakers.





Thomas Sowell: The cynical politics of public budgets – Obama’s gamesmanship!

The Obama administration is following the same pattern. The Department of Homeland Security, for example, released thousands of illegal aliens from prisons to save money – and create alarm.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it is planning to cut back on the number of air traffic controllers, which would, at a minimum, create delays for airline passengers, in addition to fears for safety that can create more public alarm.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have offered to pass legislation giving President Obama the authority to pick and choose what gets cut – anywhere in the trillions of dollars of federal spending – rather than being hemmed in by the arbitrary provisions of the sequester.





GOP smackdown: Wonks vs. pols

The latest front in the battle for the future of the Republican Party: the wonks versus the pols.


Conservative thinkers are increasingly agitated that, four months after a second straight presidential drubbing, GOP officeholders are not taking bold steps to bring a 1980s-style Republican platform into the 21st century.

Almost daily, there is a fresh op-ed or magazine piece from the class of commentators and policy intellectuals urging Republicans to show a little intellectual leg and offer some daring and innovation beyond the old standbys of cutting income taxes and spending. It’s not that the eggheads are urging moderation — it’s more like relevance. The standard plea: The GOP will rebound only when it communicates to working-class and middle-class voters how its ideas will improve their lives.




OFA: The Organizing of America

Other than the obvious initials “OFA” and a now-familiar circular logo, what do Obama for America 2008, Organizing for America (2009), Obama for America 2012, and now Organizing for Action all share — and why should we care?


The Democratic National Committee is likely paying very close attention. Back in 2009, a “highly placed Democrat” took note. According to Esquire‘s Lisa Taddeo, in her comprehensive article on David Plouffe and his creation of Organizing for America, that unnamed Democrat declared:





The Sequester: A Long-Term Win for GOP

In one fell swoop, Obama completely contradicted what he and practically every senior member of his administration had been saying for months, and revealed something that many might have considered a genuine sign of the apocalypse: House Republicans are successfully executing a long-term political and policy strategy.





The Powerless Presidency

That Obama, who started his Presidency as a true believer, has now given up on the idea that he has any special powers to change the minds of his fiercest critics is probably a good thing. His devotion to post-partisan governance has long fed two mistaken ideas: that the differences between the parties are minor, and that divided government is inherently good for the country.


A fundamental fact of modern political life is that the only way to advance a coherent agenda in Washington is through partisan dominance. When Obama had large Democratic majorities in Congress during his first two years in office, he led one of the most successful legislative periods in modern history. After he lost the House, his agenda froze and the current status quo of serial fiscal crises began. Like it or not, for many years, Washington has been most productive when one party controlled both Congress and the White House.




China – US Relations

If you’re interested in finding an up to date, extensive and in-depth analysis and new of what is happening with US –China relations, check out this site.





Citizen for Traditional Values Banquet        

CTV’s first annual banquet will feature Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn.  It will be held Thursday, March 14th at 6:00pm in downtown Lansing.  For more information and to register please goto:





The Bible

A 10 part mini-series on the History Channel starting today, March 3rd.  Stories from the bible which would be a great way to share our faith and history.  Check out and share this trailer.





3FiftyTerrace 100 Yards away from Tiger Stadium

Looking for a great place to tailgate before or after a Tiger’s game…check out Detroit’s newest roof top venue!





Contest: how do you use Windows 8 and win prizes valued at over $50,000

Make a video about Windows 8 and you. Be creative, be original, be entertaining and be 60 seconds or less.





Microsoft Surface Pro – I’ve Switched!

I just completed my migration from my laptop to my new Microsoft Surface Pro with the new Windows 8 operating system.  It’s a real computer that can run EVERY program, which I loaded with Office 2013 as well.  I also synced all my accounts and computers signing up for the Office 365 cloud account.  All very slick.  It’s sleek, small (2 pounds), with a “regular” key board and a tablet style that allows for maximum portability.  Check it out.





Too Funny! Saul Anuzis gets big shout-out on national radio program

Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party chair, got a big shout-out on national radio today when Tim Farley of Sirius XM’s POTUS channel singled out today, March 6, as Anuzis’ birthday.


In the daily “POTUS-Related History” segment, Farley typically points out several birthdays of people in politics. This morning, he noted Anuzis’ birthday and explained to the audience that in 2009 Anuzis launched a bid for the Republican National Committee chair. Farley followed that with a sound bite from ’09 featuring a terribly tongue-tied Anuzis delivering a speech to a GOP group.


But, with a wink and smile, Farley wrapped by referring to Anuzis’ blog, “That’s Saul, Folks” and called it “the greatest name for a blog in history.”





Another Bush In The White House?

Is the country ready for another Bush in the White House?

“I think Jeb Bush would be a fantastic president,” said Karen Hughes, former White House Press Secretary to former President George W. Bush, and now global vice chair of Burson-Marstellar, during taping of “Michigan Matters” about the prospect.





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